What We Do

Primarily, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions in Canada have been educators. In numerous towns and cities in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, western Ontario and Quebec the Sisters operated primary and secondary schools, as well as music departments. These educational endeavours have included nurturing and challenging intellectual curiosity, encouraging prowess in the arts, developing athletic abilities, encouraging civic responsibilities, and fostering faith development. At our last General Chapter (an international meeting of Sister representatives), we made a conscious and deliberate choice for earth. At this meeting, as our Chapter vision statement says:

Eco-Retreat August 2010

"We experienced ourselves as being called home to our place within the earth community. This coming home has helped us recognize more urgently the harm being done to earth. We see the distress of our planet and have allowed ourselves to be moved. We see the undeniable harm humans have done to soil, water, and air as a profound religious issue, the moral and ethical imperative of our time. We believe that when we set our hand to the task of repair, we have vast resources of spiritual, psychological and physical energy from other human partners and from earth itself working with us, working in us. To tap into these energies is a source of power, a power that can guide us away from being a destructive presence on the planet. Within an intelligent, self-organizing, living earth, humans can join the enveloping community of living beings in a mutually enhancing manner. We believe that our deep call today, which touches on every aspect of our religious missionary lives is to stay awake to the call of earth. We believe that the gift given us today is the way we are coming to see our Congregation as RNDM earth community. It is a new expression of our charism which will affect our life in contemplation with God, our life in communion with one another, and our life of presence in mission. One bread, one body, one mission, we set ourselves to the task of living our way into new understandings of this clarion call."